Since 1995, we have served San Francisco's most underresourced youth through intensive and comprehensive support programs and services.



Seven Tepees Youth Program is a nonprofit, community-based organization that provides comprehensive services to underresourced youth in San Francisco. Founded in 1995 by retired Juvenile Court Justice Daniel Weinstein and Native American healer Hully Fetiçó, the organization began as a summer camp where youth lived in seven tepees – one representing each continent of the world. The Honorable Weinstein and Mr. Fetiçó both had extensive experience working with inner-city youth and saw a critical need for a program that made a long-term commitment to this vulnerable population.

In the past 23 years, Seven Tepees has grown from a grassroots volunteer effort to a professionally staffed youth development and college and career access organization. Seven Tepees has grown organically and exponentially in response to the needs of the youth and the community we serve.

Our Mission

Seven Tepees Youth Program's mission is to work with urban youth entrusted to our care to foster the skills they need to make lifelong positive choices and to create their own opportunities for success.

Tepees has always pushed me to go above and beyond with everything I do. Their support has given me a solid foundation on which to build my life.
— Lizbeth, Class of 2017

From Seven Tepees 2017 Annual Dinner