Now Accepting 5th Grade Applications

Our Learning Center offers after school and summer programs and services for 6th to 12th grade students, and our alumni, in San Francisco. Youth join the summer after 5th grade to begin a 12-year relationship with Seven Tepees Youth Program.

VR Chica

Girls between 9-18 years old will experience virtual and augmented reality through a combination of demos and hands on activities, engage with men and women mentors from local technology, design and business companies and plant a seed of interest to further explore topics and potentially pursue as a strong interest and academic and professional interest.

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For those of you who came out on April 2nd to celebrate "Investing In Every Youth's Potential"--THANK YOU for being part of Tepees' Annual Dinner, and for your ongoing support of our mission and youth.

Keynote Youth Speaker, Justin Balenzuela and Board Member, Leticia Alcantar

Keynote Youth Speaker, Justin Balenzuela and Board Member, Leticia Alcantar

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Seven Tepees Youth Greeter, Kat Rodriguez, Middle School Coordinator,Susana Duran, John O’Connell 9th grader, Milagros Regla, Counseling Director Sasha Levine LMFT, and Yurianna Calderon, Seven Tepees Youth Greeter

Committed to Youth Since 1995

Seven Tepees Youth Program's mission is to work with urban youth entrusted to our care to foster the skills they need to make lifelong positive choices and create their own opportunities for success.