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College and Career Program Site Coordinator – Mission High School or June Jordan School for Equity

The Site Coordinator will be placed at Mission High School or June Jordan, under the supervision of a Seven Tepees’ Director of College and Career, with the guidance of college and career staff on site at the partner school. Weekly team meetings and monthly trainings will be held.

Major Duties will include:

* Act as on-site point person for youth and faculty.

* Plan and facilitate 2-4 college tours/fairs.

* Facilitate 1 – 4 career/college exploration activities in grades 9-12.

* Individual counseling with 11th and 12th graders, focusing on transition to adulthood issues, including academic, college, and career guidance counseling

* Assist college/career development activities – workshops to apply for colleges, financial aide/scholarships, parent advising and information meetings, school assemblies, personal statement writing seminars, career fair, college tours, drop-in career center etc…

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