Upcoming Events at Seven Tepees

Game Chica Conferences hosted by partnering non-profits Latinitas and Seven Tepees Youth Program. This event is sponsored by Electronic Arts(EA). It will provide a much needed opportunity for young Latina girls in San Francisco to explore the gaming industry and careers in STEM.

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About Game Chica

At Latinitas' Game Chica Conference, girls will spend the day:

  • Exploring the gaming industry as it exists today as well as their perspective and representation in video games.

  • Learning how to develop elements of game art and design using the Scratch platform.

  • Engaging with local professionals to inspire exploration of STEAM careers.

  • They will end the day presenting their projects to fellow attendees and parents. 

Sobre Game Chica

La Conferencia "Game Chica" invita a todas las niñas y jóvenes a pasar el día:

  • Explorando la industria del juego tal como existe hoy, así como su perspectiva y representación en los videojuegos.

  • Aprender cómo diseñar un videojuego usando plataformas como Scratch.

  • Interactuar con un profesionales diversos roles en el sector de la tecnología.

  • Terminarán el día presentando sus proyectos a otros asistentes y padres.

Volunteer Opportunities Below


Event runners assist Seven Tepees and Latinitas staff with tasks throughout the shift including: facilitating groups participation, setting up laptops, monitoring computer use, passing out supplies and additional equipment, chaperoning girls for bathroom breaks and lunch, etc


Mentors (1:00pm - 4:00pm) -
Help girls brainstorm the importance and purpose behind popular games in order to create original video games. Introduce girls to the gaming industry, teach them how to design their own video game, and walk them through the mechanics of video games. Girls will use the Scratch platform to create their games (https://scratch.mit.edu/)

*An orientation will be scheduled for Game Chica mentors*

Lunchtime Career Presenters (11:25am - 1:30 pm)
Meet with participating girls during lunch and share your background, working experience, and interests. A short orientation is required prior to becoming a career presenter at Game Chica to discuss expectations.

*An orientation will be scheduled for Game Chica career presenters*